January 7, 2011

Chevette Postcards

Here is a series of illustrations I did for a friend who helped out greatly with the remodeling of our kitchen...giving up a few weekend afternoons for holding, leveling and drilling fun!

He has three Chevettes and is a fan. One is a '76 burnt orange one, which is the star of these drawings. On the backs of the pictures, I have small descriptions like postcards do, as well as a stamp indicia area. Rather than showing all backs, I've put the copy in the caption under each photo. I'm giving them to him tonight, in some sort of envelope I guess, deemed as postcards. I hope he finds them entertaining!!

The Chevy Chevette. A low-cost, lightweight, and readily available compact.
It'll drive you happy. (Straight from the old ad campaign.)

The Chevy Chevette at Easter Island. It's not a myth. Or made out of volcanic ash.

The Chevy Chevette at the Great Pyramids of Giza. It's all about scale.

The Chevy Chevette at the Great Wall of China.
At 43 MPG highway/wallway, the Chevette will
only use 90 gallons of gas to travel the 3,889.5
miles of wall. Economical fortification.

The Chevy Chevette at Niagara Falls. During the summer months,
100,000 cubic feet per second of water actually traverses the falls, some
.01% of which is not water but the Chevy Chevette.

The Chevy Chevette at the Chandelier
Drive-thru Tree. Inspiration found among the
Avenue of Giants.

The Chevy Chevette at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Lightly salted and flat out.

The Chevy Chevette at Stonehenge. Monumental. Megalithic. Chevy-rific.