About Me

As a child, I had my own little table that sat in the corner of the family room on which I did most things. I pulled up my chair to eat lunch, colored in coloring books and drew pictures. The table was mainly orange, with some sort of patchwork pattern on it, and was coated in a vinyl texture. That texture drove me nuts. It made my lines wobbly.

Through the years, I had countless notepads, lined and unlined. I drew in them, page after page after page. Summer road trip vacation supplies consisted of my pillow, sketchbooks, and pencils/pens. Probably snacks too. 

Accomplishments added up fast for me during my elementary school career. I won a hot air balloon coloring contest in kindergarten. I believe they must have liked my choice of crayon colors the best, and I neatly stayed within the lines. My third grade art class still life of a vase on yellow cloth was featured on the bulletin board outside my classroom. I was asked by a friend to draw her a horsey at recess. I could see my future career taking shape...

I took art class during high school and continued drawing. During the beginning of my senior year, a graduate from my high school came back to speak to my art class, showing what he had been doing at college. He was attending the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. His portfolio was full of really cool, amazing and realistic drawings. Oh goody! I can go to college and draw and then make money! I applied and was accepted to the College of Design. I was going to be a Graphic Designer, whatever that was. I thought I was going to get to design greeting cards. 

And so, here I am today: Graphic Designer and owner of Fill Creative, a one-person design studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm enjoying the ever-evolving world of graphic design, communicating ideas to mass amounts of people through creative visual solutions.

But mostly, I love to draw. And it is true: ever since I can remember, I've been drawing.

Website: www.stephaniesmithcreative.com