November 27, 2011

Bichon Topiary

I had a few ideas for some dog illustrations. Here is the first: a bichon frise next to a topiary. The similarities make me chuckle.

November 26, 2011

The Goose on the Corner

This is the goose that lives at a neighbor's house down the street. They rehabbed it, and now it won't leave. Sometimes the man and son hit golf balls around in the yard and the goose is right there with them. Or they throw the football around and he's right there. I think that he must love the humans he lives with.

November 13, 2011

Studio/Art Room/Drawing Room/Place Where Magic Happens

This weekend I went crazy in the 2nd bedroom that is a nothing room and turned it into hopefully what will be an inspiring space to create awesome artwork and illustrations. It still needs some work, but clutter has been removed and everything is better organized. Shelves line both left and right walls with books, boxes of art supplies and materials, and openness...which is really nice. The blue futon is under the front window. Nothing is under the side window, which is also nice. The last thing needed is a round table to work on. I think round will work best because it's such a small room; Having to walk around something big in the middle of the room is stressful when there are sharp corners. Seriously. It's the reason I hate coffee tables. My shins start whimpering every time I'm near a low rectangular one...

I'm not sure if the futon is going to stay or not. It's a nice place for the dogs to hang out, but it's so large and kind of a waste of space. A large comfy, single person chair would probably work better. But I think it can stay a while. Priority is the table. Right now I'm working on a high bar table we used to have in the kitchen before it was remodeled. I'm sitting on a cheap plastic stool from IKEA, which is highly uncomfortable for the tush and back.

Painting is also in order this winter. Maybe one wall at a time. With our house, you just can't move things around without moving everything else around to make room.

After painting...maybe shelves. I kind of like not having anything on the walls right now because it helps the space not feel so cluttered. But being a studio-art-drawing-place-where-magic-happens-creative room, it seems wrong to not have things displayed. We shall see...

I'm very excited to start using the space and hunker down drawing more. I need to draw more. Draw draw draw draw.........

November 10, 2011


I now have a little store on to sell prints and art on some other things like iPhone and iPad skins and canvas. I hope to get a little more exposure there, but need to figure out how to promote it.

Please check out the store!!  There is also a link over to the right that shows different items randomly, and takes you to the store.