November 18, 2008

Woman Walking

7" x 5" colored pencil on bristol
© 2008 Stephanie Smith

This is my first submission for artist Karin Jurick's blog Different Strokes from Different Folks.

She posts a photograph each Wednesday and takes artists submissions within the week's time. She also will link your site to your name on the blog, so it's a great place to see other people's work, and I appreciate the possible exposure to others.

For this week's reference photo from Karin, she posted it upside down– and told us we were to paint it upside down, to paint what we see rather than what we know. I followed suit, but found that about 75% of the way through it I was getting bored! This made me realize the constant "dialogue" I have with the subject I am drawing, while I am creating it...from start to finish. I gave in and flipped it over and was so much happier while finishing the piece. Very interesting!

I am looking at these photos from Karin's blog as exercises or assignments. I hope to explore a little bit and see what can develop from it.


Mom said...

Very nice work, although I'm not sure I understand the upside down thing, but then I'm only a stick figure drawer with no talent.
Can't wait until next week.

Connie said...

I got bored, too, and I think you're right that it's the dialog that we have with our subject that's important to our involvement in it. The upside down exercise was great for getting all the lines correct, I'll tell you that!