January 5, 2009

Portrait of a Man

This is my submission for the most recent Different Strokes from Different Folks challenge- a portrait of a fellow DSFDF artist. After artists who wanted to participate submitted their own photos, the blog moderator, Karin Jurick, paired us up with another artist to paint.

I don't know this man's name but his photo was interestingly lit with deep contrasting shadows. I drew a few studies of it before I ended up with the final seen here.

Portrait of a Man
colored pencil on paper

It was hard to paint another person I didn't know. I hope I got his likeness accurately enough and at least close enough to not offend! Unlike painting or drawing a scene with which you can totally fudge, imagine parts of and "take artistic license", someone's face creates a lot more pressure– at least for this realistic artist.

I am happy that it is done and can't wait to see what I end up looking like!


christine said...

I love the great contrast between light and dark in this portrait. And the enigmatic expression you've captured is terrific!

Sheila said...

Your image of your DSFDF artist pops! How large or small did you make this? Your composition with the white and dark areas are perfect.

dominique eichi said...

Great composition and leaving it simple B&W is good.

Steph said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!!

Shelia, it is quite small - maybe 3 x 4-ish. I just kept sketching at this size and liked how free it was to work small.

Also, his picture had such nice dramatic lighting, it made the composition easy.

Erin said...

Are you going to post the original? I love this concept, btw. Assignments that you don't HAVE to do, but that if you DO have time, they keep you working at your art! Know any photography sites like that? :)

luc said...

Hallo Stephanie,
Thanks for drawing my portrait.
I guess we all were very uncertain about our results. But don't worry : I like it. :-)
You used the light and dark parts of the reference photo very well, and there's much expression on the face.
Keep on going ! :-)
I discovered that you're a runner.
I used to be run half marathons to, but the last few years I'm totally into cycling. "Mental sports" (drawing and painting) and
physical sports (cycling) are my two main hobbies. :-)