August 3, 2012



Butch said...

I keep looking for Harley or Dexters images hidden in these works. I see a 1/2 of a mouse in the upper left cloud, Mickey looking type. Where do you get your imagination inspiration from?

Steph said...

I think that my natural quirky outlook on things has helped me come up with these drawings so far. I was running the other day and some of the ideas came into my head. I have an idea for your suggestion "Imagination" and will be posting that one next. I'm trying very hard to tell a story about the word with illustration, because that is what Illustration is. Then, hopefully I will have a portfolio showing that I can tell a story and I can get some illustration work! The Illustration Friday website challenges people to do that every week...and I think I had the breakthrough with "kernel" in truly understanding what illustrating is.